GW Instek: 20MHz Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator with GPIB interface


Arbitrary Function Generator

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AFG-303x & AFG-302x Arbitrary Function Generator

(Including optional GPIB Interface)


•1uHz to 20 or 30MHz, 16-bit resolution with 1 mVpp to 10 Vpp amplitude. 1 or 2 channel (s)
•250 MSa/s sampling rate for higher time resolution arbitrary waveforms
•8M Points/channel standard waveform memory
•Input/output signal ground independent of housing and signal ground between channels also insulated.
•Synchronized phase operates up to 6 units and 12 channels
•Pulse waveform parameters can be set independently for more precise timing
•Harmonic signal generator
•Dual channel models support SUM modulation, coupling, tracking, and phase functions
•Built-in AM/FM/PM/FSK/PWM/SUM modulation, sweep and burst functions
•Provide USB/LAN/GPIB (optional) instrument control interface
•IQ baseband waveform output function for AFG-3032/3022


The AFG-3000 series arbitrary function generators include 20MHz/30MHz single channel and dual channel models, designed to meet industry, scientific research, and education applications. In the design of isolated output, all output channels are earth ground isolation, which is suitable for test applications of floating circuit. For instance, connecting an AFG-3000 with a power supply’s DC voltage, the maximum AC-DC cascaded output reaches +42V or -42V. Each channel of dual channel models can be operated independently or multi-units can simultaneously function without taking grounding reference into consideration. Applications are, for instance, the ignition control or transmission device of automotive electronics. The series features sample rate of 250MSa/s, 16-bit resolution, and 8M point memory depth for arbitrary waveform generation. Users not only can save the edited waveforms to the memory to build arbitrary waveforms, but also rebuild waveforms by the AFG-3000’s built-in DSOLink function with a GW Instek digital storage oscilloscope.

The AFG-3000 series supports synchronized phase for multi channel operation up to 6 units and 12 channels. A reference input connector is available allowing an external 10 MHz time base to synchronize the internal clock and elevate the frequency output accuracy. The series supports frequency sweep and amplitude sweep that can also integrate other functions, including linear/logarithm, one-way (saw tooth)/two-way (triangle), continuous/single trigger/gated trigger to meet various application requirements by applying different sweep methods. Frequency sweep tests the frequency response of electronic components such as filter and low frequency amplifier. Amplitude sweep simulates vibration tests (requires a vibration tester), and it also conducts aging tests of various materials and linearity tests of low frequency amplifier.

The main features of the AFG-3000 series include output amplitude from 1mVpp to 10Vpp (connected with a 50 ohm load); frequency range from 1uHz to 20MHz or 30MHz; 1uHz frequency resolution; and built-in sine, square, pulse, triangle, ramp, DC voltage, harmonic and noise. The waveform width, rise edge time and fall edge time of pulse waveform can be adjusted flexibly. Pulse waveform, with duty cycle from 0.017% to 99.983%, can be applied as trigger signals. Users can conduct arbitrary editing via 65 built-in function waveforms. The series supports AM/FM/PM/FSK/PWM modulation, frequency sweep, amplitude sweep and burst to satisfy industrial application requirements. Dual channel models provide SUM modulation, coupling, tracking, and phase to meet the test requirements of differential signal, phase control and amplifier distortion. Built-in 8th harmonic signal generator simulates harmonic signal of switching power supplies and it also tests EMI power filter characteristics. The AFG-3000 series provides free arbitrary waveform editing software (AWES) for users to quickly edit waveforms from the built-in diagrams so as to execute measurements.

The AFG-3000 series comes with four models. Model number and channel (s) are listed as follows:

Model AFG-3032 AFG-3031 AFG-3022 AFG-3021
Frequency range 1 uHz to 30MHz 1 uHz to 30MHz 1 uHz to 20MHz 1 uHz to 20MHz
Channel 2 1 2 1

Standard Accessories

GTL-101, BNC-Alligator Test Lead *1 (only AFG-3031/AFG-3021)
GTL-101, BNC-Alligator Test Lead *2 (only AFG-3032/AFG-3022)
Quick Start Guide *1, CD-ROM with AFG software and user manual *1

Optional Unit
Opt. 01, GPIB interface

Optional Accessories
GTL-246, USB Type A to Type B cable

Free Download
Arbitrary Waveform Editing Software

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