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GW Instek GSB-01: 8 Channel High Voltage Multiplex Scanner – Option for GPT-9800/9900/9900A Series Safety/Hipot Testers


GSB-01 & GSB-02 Multiplex Scanner Box

GSB-01 Multiplex Scanner Box, 8-Channel High Voltage Scan


• GSB-01 (8CH High Voltage Scanner Box)
• GSB-02 (6CH High Voltage and 2CH Ground Bond Scanner Box)
• Front & rear input connector design is suitable for the GPT-9800/9900/9900A series
• A maximum of 4 scanner boxes (32 CH) can be connected to one GPT-9800/9900/9900A series
• High-intensity LED for Channel, Status & Judgment indications


GW Instek presents a dedicated option, multiplex scanner box, for specific safety tester series. This multiplex scanner box, GSB-01/02, has a function that distributes the test voltage or current provided by the GPT-9800/9900/9900A series to multiple test points. Up to eight channels can be used for outputs on one scanner. Operator can conduct AC/DC withstanding, insulation resistance and ground bond test on test points depending selected scanner model. Furthermore, up to four scanners can be connected to the tester, allowing a maximum of 32 channels. These features ensure highly reliable and labor-saving for electrical and electronic equipment with multiple test points.
An electric potential mode for each channel – HI (voltage applied), LO (return) and X (open mode) can be set either by the front panel operation or through commands by the USB/GPIB(Option) of GPT-9800/9900/9900A. The multiplex scanner permits specified setting – AC/DC withstanding or insulation resistance or ground bond tests on assigned one of the eight test channel. For example, you can set CH1 ~ CH3 to HI (high voltage) and CH4 to LO.
It adds the following functions to the GPT-9800/9900/9900A tester:
• One scanner extends the output to eight channels. A potential of HI, LO, or X can be set for each channel and an AC/DC withstanding voltage, insulation resistance or ground bond test can be conducted at any eight test points depending on model of scanner.
• A maximum of four scanners can be connected to one GPT-9800/9900/9900A tester. This allows the output to be extended to up to 32 channels.
This allows labor-saving, reliable withstanding voltage, insulation resistance or ground bond testing of electric or electronic equipment or electronic components with multiple test points.


Included Accessories
Quick Start Guide x1, CD x1(Complete user manual),
Power Cord x1, Communication Cable GTL-235 x1,
H.V. Wiring Lead GHT-108 x1,
G.B. Wiring Lead GHT-109 x1 (Only GSB-02),
Test Lead for GSB-01 : GHT-116R x8, GHT-116B x1
Test Lead for GSB-02 : GHT-116R x6, GHT-116B x1,
GTL-116R x2, GTL-116B x1

Optional Accessories
GRA-438 Rack Mount Kit (19″ 2U)

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