Cirris: Cable Hound Cable Harness Wiring Aid


Low cost, fast & easy, guided build of small cable assemblies. Enables 100% correct wiring at build.


CableHound VideoThis exciting new cable harness wiring aid has been designed and manufactured to exacting standards by Combined Test Solutions Ltd in the UK.  Its primary aim is to enable low cost, fast and easy, guided build of small cable assemblies, enabling 100% correct wiring at the point of build.

The Cable Hound cable harness wiring aid is simple, low cost and very effective and has been designed with input from several major global companies involved in MIL Aerospace connector wiring and cabling as well as drawing on over thirty years of experience in our company history.

Two modes of use are available, one is “Select” where an operator chooses a wire number (from 1 to 128) and the device bleeps when the selected wire is probed.  The other mode is “Identify” where the operator touches any wire and is then guided, audibly and visually, via the LCD display, to correctly place the wire probed.

It can run for many days on an internal, replaceable 9v PP9 battery, or it can be powered by an external, wall plug power supply with a 12v output.

The unit has been rigorously tested and is CE marked.  It has been designed to be resilient.  External interference, such as the 7000v “ESD shock test” to any external connections, (all 128 wiring outputs for example), is easily overcome by the array of 30kv protection diodes. Obviously, running under 9v DC or 12v DC power means that the unit is operating well below the 48v DC maximum specified in the Low Voltage Directive.

Priced at £499 per unit. 

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  • Fast, easy to use (1-page manual) – starts paying back immediately.
  • Compact and lightweight, 220mm by 140mm wide and 40mm deep, <0.5kg.
  • 128 test points using standard 64-way connectors, so will identify and guide using connectors up to that pin count.
  • Available with custom connector interface options
  • Bleeper sounds when correct wire is found (in SELECT mode) and LED lights green. Displays pin numbers connected in groups (earth/shell connections).
  • Has two probe sockets (low & Hi impedance) for probing or touching a wire (using wrist strap).
  • 9v battery or 12v wall plug power options
  • Modern design using fast ARM processor and CMOS switching for reliability.



Declaration of Conformity For the product CTS Cable Hound

A Combined Test Solutions cable and harness quality assurance system.

Combined Test Solutions Ltd
Unit 4, Commerce Way
Leighton Buzzard
LU7 4RW. England

+44-1525-374466 declares that this product conforms with the protection requirements of Council Directive 89/336/EEC and its amendment 93/68/EEC, relating to electromagnetic compatibility, by the application of standard EN61326:1998





Quick Reference Guide

Quick Reference Guide

Turning on the unit, the red LED will light.  The Mode switch allows the operator to pick the tester mode. Either ‘Select’ or ‘Identify’.
In the Identify mode the tester will indicate on the LCD which point has been probed.
In the Select mode the operator can set a point using the mode select units and tens switches and then use the probe to find that point.

Successive presses of the Units and Tens switches in the Select mode will increment the number shown on the LCD display indicating which point is to be ‘Selected’.

Testing a Device

Identify Mode
  1. Connect the device to be tested to the interface connectors
  2. Switch the unit on
  3. Slide the Mode Switch up towards the LCD display
  4. In this mode the unit will display the probed point on the LCD
    (when a point is probed the green LED will light and the buzzer will sound)


Select Mode
  1. Connect the device to be tested to the interface connectors
  2. Switch the unit on
  3. Slide the Mode Switch down away from the LCD display
  4. Use the Units & Tens buttons to set the point to be found
  5. Probe the connected device. The tester will ‘beep’ when the selected point is probed. (when the point is probed the green LED will light)

When you have cable assembly to build – perhaps a main connector, that branches out to two smaller ones, all fine pitch, expensive aerospace connectors and there’s no room for error.  Cablehound lets you touch a wire and it tells you what pin its connected to – so you know where to place it on the corresponding pin of the other connector.  Get it right first time with the CTS Cablehound.


£499 per unit so one per wire person ensures correct first-time build.



CTS Cable Hound Datasheet

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