GW Instek: GBM-3300 Battery Tester


GW Instek GBM-3300: Battery Tester – High accuracy voltage and Internal Resistance measurement. Measures Battery Voltage to 300V and Internal Resistance to 3.2k . For Single Cell, Battery Cell and End Product Battery Test.


GBM-3000 Battery Meters

GBM-3300 (300V) Battery Meter (including RS-232C / USB device / host and HANDLER interface)


• 3.5’ TFT LCD (320×240)
• Measurement items: DC voltage and AC resistance
• Voltage measurement: 300V (GBM-3300) or 80V (GBM-3080)
• Resistance measurement: 0mΩ~ 3.2kΩ(max.)
• Basic accuracy for voltage measurement: 0.01%
• Basic accuracy for resistance measurement: 0.5%
• Measurement resolution up to 0.1μΩ and 10μV, suitable for single-cell measurement
• Independent GO/NOGO determination function for voltage and resistance respectively
• The judgment mechanism of test lead (probe) disconnect/contact failure is to ensure the measurement reliability
• Standard interfaces: USB host/device, RS-232C and Handler


GW Instek launches a new series of desktop battery tester, the GBM-3000 series, which uses AC 1kHz as the test signal and measures battery’s voltage and internal resistance to 300V (GBM-3300) and 80V (GBM-3080). The series features 3.5″ TFT LCD, 4-wire measurement method, high-resolution (6-digit voltage / 5-digit resistance) measurement display capability, and independent GO/NOGO determination of voltage and resistance, various communications interfaces, etc. to meet various types of battery measurements, ranging from single cell, battery cell, to the end product (battery), etc. so as to facilitate users in achieving accurate measurements at all stages of production.

More details, please follow GBM-3000 series brochure.


Included Accessories
Safety sheet x1, Power cord x1,
GBM-01 x1 : 4 Wire (kelvin clip) test lead, 90V (max.), approx. 1100mm,
CD x1 (including complete user manual and USB driver)

Optional Accessories

GBM-02 4 Wire (single pin) test probe, 80V (max.), Approx. 1100mm
GBM-03 4 Wire (twin pin) test probe, 300V (max.), Approx. 1400mm
GBM-S1 Short Bar (for GBM-02/GBM-03)
GTL-232 RS-232C cable, 9-pin Female to 9-pin, null modem for computer, Approx. 2000mm
GTL-246 USB cable, A-B type, Approx.1200mm
GRA-422 Rack Mount Kit (19″ 2U)

Additional information

Weight 5.6 kg
Dimensions 40 × 35 × 20 cm

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