GW Instek: Millivolt Meter GVT-417B


GW Instek GVT-417B: Millivolt Meter


GVT-427B & GVT-417B AC Millivolt Meters

GVT-417B 1-Channel A.C. Millivolt Meter


• 300μV Full Scale Sensitivity
• Measurement Frequency: 10Hz ~ 1MHz
• Measurement Amplitude: -70dB ~ +40dB in 12 Ranges
• Dual Channel (GVT-427B)
• CE Approved (GVT-417B)


AC Millivolt Meter

The GVT-427B is compact analog AC millivoltmeters ideal for low level voltage measurements beyond ordinary multimeter capabilities; 300uV sensitivity is maintained over 100V full scale. GVT-427 provides dual channel measurement, simultaneously or separately. Voltage scale is separated into 12 ranges, instantly accessible by a large rotary selector. The wide measurement range(10Hz~1MHz) and voltage(-70dB~+40dB) provide ample headroom for most applications.


Included Accessories
User manual x1, Power cord x1
Test Lead GTL-101 x 2 for GVT-427B
Test Lead GTL-101 x 1 for GVT-417B

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