Adaptronic: NT 700 High Voltage Tester

High flexibility – highly expandable, High Voltage Test


NT 700 High Voltage Tester – high flexibility, highly expandable, High Voltage test

  • Easy operation via PC with comprehensive control software via “NT Control”
  • Extensive result reporting to file, to printer or via database connection*
  • Extensive GUI display possibilities and tools for fault location in the unit under test [UUT]
  • Continuity test, short-circuit test and component test up to 25 VDC
  • Optional:
    • Low voltage tests up to 250 VDC
    • Dielectric strength test up to 6000 VDC / 5000 VAC
    • Insulation test up to 6000 VDC
    • High current test up to 2 ADC
    • Protective earth conductor test up to 25 AAC
  • Remote maintenance

Universal, Modular, Powerful Tester

The NT 700 offers numerous expansion possibilities:

  • Test point expansion up to 32,768 test points, depending on the housing / cabinet size
  • Easy expandability*:
  • Additional measurement electronics (AC/DC)
  • LCR measurement bridge
  • Four-wire measurement from 100 µOhm upwards
  • Insulation tests up to 10 G Ohm as standard
  • Automatic, harness test table support

NT 700 Options

Function test

  • Stimulus cards
  • Stimulus sources
  • Test and programming of single-wire devices
  • Total integration of camera systems for visual tests
  • ProfiNet, LIN-, CAN-, Mod-Bus TCP, other bus systems on request

Elaborate number of interfaces

  • Digital inputs and outputs 24 V
  • Interface for test point units (standard)
  • Extern Interface (standard)
  • Safety loop (standard) etc

NT Control test and programming software

  • Graphic user interface with clear test display
  • Operating buttons, test status, statistics
  • In the error case display as error list or single error
  • Editors for net lists, link lists, insulation point lists (prim lists) and component lists, function test editor
  • Easy realisation of special test procedures
  • Comfortable multimeter function

Open Wire Probe

  • Intelligent pin number probe
  • Test point display
  • Status display
  • Operation modes automatic and manual

Operating and display options

  • Foot switch option for test start
  • Warning lamp for high voltage tests
  • Test result lamp – Pass/Fail

Temperature and humidity logging

  • Combined temperature and humidity sensor – Interface at the NT 700
  • Temperature and humidity available in NT Control

Comprehensive possibilities of interface boards and adapter cables

  • Interface boards for the adaption of the adaptronic interface to customer’s existing adapter cable connector systems
  • Adapter cables with adaptronic standard interfaces, open cable ends for the adaption by the client or application specific special adapter cables

Additional services

  • Training for programming and testing with NT Control and NT 700
  • Calibration service
  • Application specific assistance

Support / Service / Calibration

  • Programming / Fixturing services available
  • Calibration service – both on-site and back to base at CTS
  • Application specific assistance

Additional information