Combined Test Solutions announce sponsorship of RUSH Academy

Reaching the Unreached through Self-Help

Started in 2001 RUSH is a Registered Charity set-up to reach the under-privileged and suffering people within the local community of Kakamega, a town in the Western Province of Kenya close to Lake Victoria. This incredible project continues to go from strength to strength supporting and teaching the most vulnerable children and adults to help themselves.

Run by Andrew and Lucy Amukowa , RUSH Academy was set up to provide education to local children and give them the tools to break out of the cycle of poverty.

Since 2002, the academy has grown from just a kindergarten to a kindergarten, primary and secondary school! Children from the first kindergarten class are now in their second year of university.  RUSH Academy takes on children from the age of two and a half until the end of secondary school. The academy is currently attended by over 550 students.

Combined Test Solutions are proud to support RUSH with monthly donations.

Andrew and Lucy Amukowa , RUSH Academy
CTS donates to RUSH Academy
RUSH academy
RUSH academy
Charitable Donation To RUSH Kenya
RUSH Academy

RUSH urgently need support and are looking for people to sponsor children to go to RUSH or to become regular givers to this work. If you wish to sponsor a child or to find out more about sponsorship please click here.

Charity & Sponsorship

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